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Leandro Bisiach Violin Scroll

Why Choose Us?


A Personal Service

At UK Violins, we pride ourselves in offering our customers good, honest, trustworthy, personal advice.  Whether it's regarding the purchase, repair, restoration, or the valuation of an instrument, we always strive to retain a long-term, lasting relationship with our clients. 

Fair Pricing and Affordable Finance Options

We work to the general principal of only selling instruments and bows we would be prepared to buy back in the future. This gives confidence to our advancing students who may progress through different instruments over several years that their instrument is value for money and will indeed become a worthwhile investment. 

Reliable Expertise

Our extensive research library and archive span dealer and auction house records from the 1800s through to the modern day.  It was painstakingly put together over 40 years and is continuingly being expanded and updated by the third generation of the family, Adam.  We utilise modern scientific techniques, such as dendrochronology alongside traditional connoisseurship to further assist us with the identification and valuation of instruments. 


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