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 Instrument Set Ups

We pride ourselves in the quality and consistency of our set up work at UK Violins. Whether you have a Strad or a Skylark we don't differentiate when it comes to set ups. 

Our dedicated team of expertly trained and experienced luthiers have looked after and set up some of the country's finest instruments used professionally by soloists and leaders around the world, while also providing the same level of attention to detail and precision to our student and rental instruments. 

We say that the quality of the set up is the most important factor when choosing a violin, and can often make a bigger difference to the tonal quality and enjoyment than the pedigree of the instrument itself. We find it is particularly important in student and starter instruments, as pupils are far more likely to improve, progress and more importantly enjoy playing an instrument that is correctly set up. 


For a free quote and more details about our set ups including new bridges, soundposts, pegs, fingerboard shoots, hardware or for just a general check up and a clean please get in touch. 

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