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This is a superb bow in imaculate condition made for the World famous violin firm W.E. Hill & Sons by Arthur Scarbrow who made the stick and Arthur John Barnes who made the frog in 1936. 


The bow is fantastically made, the pernambuco is strong and dense yet perfectly flexible, it draws a fabulous tone.  The original frog and adjuster are superbly made from ebony, silver and mother of pearl.  Interestingly Arthur J Barnes was deaf and dumb and Arthur Scarbrow was a protégé of Alfed Hill who favoured him to become one of the finest makers of the Hill firm.


This bow has had one owner since leaving the shop in 1936 and comes with the original reciept from W. E. Hill.


The weight is 59 grams. 

Wonderful Bow made for W. E. Hill & Sons

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