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A beautiful, rare English violin bow made by Thomas Tubbs, grandfather of the great James Tubbs and maker for James and Edward Dodd in the early 19th Century.  


This bow was made for the Dodd family around 1840 by Thomas in his London workshop, and branded Dodd on the side of the stick. Its a stunning bow mounted in ebony and silver, using the finest pernambuco available at that time, very highly figured and intensely beautiful. 


The handle and frog has had a few scuffs in its lifetime which is reflected in the price, but the stick is in fabulous condition, retaining the original lapping. 


Ideal for a collector or progressing student who will appreciate this bows history. The bow draws a delicious warm, soft tone. Ideal for chamber music and early repertoires


The weight is. 

Thomas Tubbs for Dodd, London circa 1840

  • £5,000

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