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This is a great violin imported from a fine workshop in Germany.  The original catalogue, of which we have a copy, states:


"The makers have been guided by the finest existing specimens of the greatest of all Italian masters; Antonius Stradivarius; the measurements, proportions and methods of construction being practically identical with the glorious originals.  Every detail of workmanship and finish shows the influence of centuries of violin-making tradition, and only the choicest natural seasoned woods have been used, so that each instrument may be classed as a fine specimen of the modern art.  They are covered with a beautiful transparent and refined oil varnish of great elasticity.  The tone is full, rich and sonorous, and equal in power and quality on all strings."

"As a solo instrument, it is impossible to buy any Violin that will give a greater or more permanent satisfaction." 


This is a great violin, in pure condition and we would recommend it to any level of player.  


The length of the back is 360 mm. 

The Artist Apollo, Rushworth & Dreaper, Liverpool 1917

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