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British bow maker and restorer Malcolm Taylor was one of the Hill workshop's leading postwar makers. He joined W.E. Hill & Sons as an apprentice in 1949, and worked there until 1973. After leaving the firm he made bows under his own name and was based near Barnstaple in Devon making superb quality bows including a set to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and these were inlaid with the Prince's heraldic feathers.


This bow is mounted in silver and ebony, is of excellent quality and is sold with the original certificate and letters of correspondance between Malcolm and the bows previous owner. 


Malcolms bows are always solidly built, reliable and full of power.  Usually on the heavier side with the choice of pernambuco always being excellent. 


The weight is 64 grams. 

Malcolm Taylor, Barnstaple circa 1985

  • £2,000

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