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A wonderful handmade cello by the British luthier Kenneth Grimley in Southport, Lancashire in 2004. 


Ken is a personal friend of ours at UK Violins and we have known him for many, many years.  Hes a tremendous luthier and a great cellist playing in many prestigious venues across the UK. 


Ken trained with Randall Foster, a fine maker and polymath from Chorley, Lancashire.  Seeing Randy's work inspired Ken to become a maker and he set about learning the craft becoming extremely proficient eventually working in some of the country's top shops. 


This cello was made especially for Ken's Ruby wedding anniversary and is a Montagnana copy.  The large, wide bouts and deep body, typical of Montagnana make this cello sound superb, incredibly rich, deep and warm it's just perfect.  


In excellent condition, the length of the back is 740 mm. 


Kenneth Grimley, Southport 2004

  • £10,000

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