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An interesting French violin bow made in Mirecourt circa 1900 quite possibly in the workshop of C. N. Bazin. 


It's branded H. Fluery on the audience side which is a name we don't come across in the usual literature.  It could refer to the retailer, but could just as easily be the name of the maker. Eitherway its a great bow from the Bazin school. 


The stick is of quality, dense pernambuco and the mounts are ebony and nickel.  There are a few cosmetic marks on the head and a slight expansion crack in one of the rings of the adjuser, hence the affordable price.  But it's a superb French bow and would make a fine playing bow for an advancing student wanting to own a great French bow without breaking the bank. 


The bow is light, nimble, swift and incredibly fun to use. It draws a suprisingly big tone and is superbly balanced. 


The weight is 55 grams with it's original lightweight tinsel lapping. 

H. Fleury, France circa 1900

  • £1,250

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