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William Tubbs was born in London in 1814 and was the son of Thomas Tubbs also an important bow maker.  


William is credited with bringing "English bow making to more classical forms and sound playing characteristics."


This violin bow is made at the pinacle of that evolution from the slightly eccentric English bows of the previous generation to this modern standard of violin bow, something which William's son, James Tubbs would have taken great influence from when making his superb bows. 


The condition is immaculate, the incredible quailty of pernambuco used in this bow is some of the best we have ever seen, the frog is reminiscent of Pajeot, bows from whom William must have had access to, and the head is so characteristic of Tubbs' work, elegant and neat. 


The bow is a serious joy to play with, it draws a wonderful warm, comforting tone and is perfectly balanced and steady. A superb bow for a progressing musican or collector alike. 


The weight is 60 grams. 

William Tubbs, London Circa 1850

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