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A fine and interesting violin bow made by Eugene Cuniot-Hury in Mircourt circa 1895.  This bow is an interpretation of Leonard Tourte's work and is of the swan head model, fitting into the transition period between early barque bows and Tourte L's brother F. X. Tourte's modern bow model. 


The bow is great fun to play, it's lighter and slightly more flexible than a "modern" style bow which makes for wonderfully quick string changes, the balance is perfect and would very much suit early and modern musicians alike. 


Sold with a certficate of J F Raffin, Paris, a fitted replacement silver button and the original although damaged nickel button.  Of course this replacement is reflected in the price and yet does not affect the tone the bow draws or its playability.   



A Fine French Violin Bow by Eugene Cuniot-Hury, Mirecourt 1895.

  • £2,750

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